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What is Unclaimed Freight Company and Liquidation Sales, Inc.?

Unclaimed Freight Company and Liquidation Sales, Inc. (UFC) is a 5 store furniture retail business, established in 1975 in Arlington, Texas. Today, UFC provides brand name, brand new merchandise at prices the big name dealers and department stores cannot compete with, delivering more value for our customers. You may be asking yourself, how is this possible? UFC employs a unique strategy, combining low overhead and aggressive price structures and merchandising. These strategies have been in use since the inception of the firm. Everything we sell is brand new and carries the full manufacturer’s warranty!

The following information will disclose our secret

  • We own our inventory. We do not pay floor plans
  • We take all cash discounts from suppliers
  • We own our buildings and land. Therefore, there are no uncontrollable expensive lease contracts
  • We own our vehicles - large and small trucks - (no expensive vehicle leasing)
  • We haul our merchandise when possible creating a low freight factor
  • We only heat and air-condition necessary office and small showroom areas. We use a limited advertising approach, depending largely on word of mouth advertising and high visibility locations. We also advertise on the World Wide Web, with an extensive online catalog

We obtain much of our inventory through the following methods:

  • Market Samples
  • Retailer/Dealer cancellations
  • Factory close outs
  • Bankruptcies
  • Regular factory merchandise

These methods are described as follows:

Market Samples

Manufacturers maintain showrooms to display their offerings at markets maintained all over the world. In the United States, the three largest markets are located in High Point, NC, Las Vegas, NV, and Tupelo, MS. This furniture is shown only to dealers. Dealers place orders from the samples they see at market to be manufactured and shipped to their stores. Re-packaging and hauling samples is cost prohibitive for vendors; therefore, they are offered to dealers at substantial discounts. We are contacted by vendors ready to liquidate samples.

Retailer/Dealer Cancellations

Large retailers frequently cancel large orders of furniture. That leaves a manufacturer with a large amount of inventory with no buyer. This merchandise is, in turn, offered to other retailers at a significant discount. We buy this merchandise and pass the savings on to our customers

Factory Close Outs

When a furniture manufacturer makes a design change or decides to drop a particular item, this will result in a factory close out. This merchandise is offered at a substantial discount. Therefore, we can pass the savings on to our customers.


Through the years there have been many bankruptcies on the furniture manufacturing level, as well as furniture dealers. When available, we will buy bankrupt stock at the manufacturing level. Therefore, we can see the merchandise before purchasing to know its quality and condition. When such purchases are made, they are at good discounts, so we can pass the savings on to our customers.

Regular Factory Merchandise

As a convenience to our customers we will buy some very popular regular factory merchandise. When we buy this type merchandise, we take all cash discounts offered by factories - no terms. We price factory merchandise at a low percentage mark up to allow our customers to buy at a true discounted price. Unclaimed Freight takes advantage of volume buying prices, purchasing truckloads and over-sea containers of the most popular merchandise.

Many of our customers and their families continue to shop with us all their lives, knowing we have the best furniture values and customer service available.

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