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How long has UFC been in business?
UFC has been in business since 1975.

Does UFC carry more than what is shown on the website?
Each UFC location is from 32-35,000 square feet, and has thousands of items to choose from. What is shown on the website is just a sample of all that is carried and stocked.

Why do you not have prices listed on your website?
UFC does not list prices on the website for several reasons. The primary reason is the large number of items that UFC carries and the amount of man hours required to maintain current, accurate prices on the website. UFC is constantly receiving new merchandise and selling out discontinued items, and prices are constantly going up and down. We ask that customers please visit one of our 5 locations for current prices.

Do you offer repair service?
UFC has in house repair technicians that can repair almost any breakage or damage. Charges will apply if the repair is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Who provides the warranty for my furniture?
All warranties are provided by the manufacturer of the item. UFC can assist customers who need warranty work or replacement. Warranty terms and condition vary, depending on the item and the manufacturer. Contact the store where the purchase was made for warranty and customer service information.

Does UFC offer extended warranties?
UFC offers extended warranties and damage protection through Montage Furniture Services. Please contact a store for more information.

Does UFC offer delivery?
UFC does offer delivery, and delivery personnel are employed by UFC. Delivery charges do apply, and are based on geographic location relative to the store where the purchase was made.

Is UFC part of a national chain?
UFC is locally owned and operated in Tarrant County, Texas only, and is not part of any other Unclaimed Freight in any other part of the country.

Can I special order from UFC?
Yes. Please contact a store for information on ordering an item that is not carried by UFC.

Does UFC buy or sell used furniture?
UFC sells only brand new furniture and mattresses, and does not buy used furniture or mattresses. UFC does not sell factory seconds or returns.

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